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Swingin' for Cash: Making $$ Teaching & Dancing
(Prequel to “Gigs from Hell”)
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With the swing craze in full force, I’ve been getting lots of calls from swing dancers asking for advice. Usually about work they’re interested in doing or have already accepted. For those of you interested in Swinging for Cash, what follows is some pratical advice regarding arranging, pricing, and performing work for schools, organizations and corporations. -- Bob Thomas

Who the heck is Bob Thomas?
 Swingin’ for Cash, Part 1: Teaching  Swingin’ for Cash, Part 2: Performing
 What Kind of Experience Do I Need?  Minimal qualifications
 Charting Your Teaching Progress Questions to ask the client
 What Do I Charge? What do I Charge?
Corporate Teaching Gigs Other Considerations

Who the heck am I?

I’m Bob Thomas, director of The Kamikaze Jitterbugs. I’ve been doing shows and dance-related work for organizations, schools and corporate clients for over twenty years, and I have a ton of advice, most of which you probably don’t need and aren’t interested in. But, for those of you determined or foolish enough to go out into the public marketplace to teach and perform swing, I thought it might be helpful to write down some advice and suggestions to help you on your way. For fun and horrifying accounts of our most interesting gigs, read my piece “Swinging in the Dark: Gigs from Hell.”

Swingin’ for Cash, Part 1: Teaching

Someone calls you or asks you when you’re out dancing, “Would you be interested in teaching a series of classes for my school/office/etc?” more

What Kind of Experience Do You Need?

If you’ve never taught swing before, first learn... more

Charting Your Teaching Progress

As you teach you need to check on how well

What Do I Charge?

Rates. Well, that’s a tough one. Basically, you want to charge enough that... more

Corporate Teaching Gigs

If someone says, “Would you teach a lesson for my school/organization/corporation’s party?” Think about it... more

Swingin’ for Cash, Part 2: Performing

If someone says, “Would you dance swing at my school/organization/corporation’s party?” Think about it three times (at least). Questions that you should ask the client are... more

Minimal qualifications before considering a paid performing gig:

-- Have been... more

Questions to ask the client

1) Is it a formal performance or will you just... more

What do I Charge?

One-off teaching? Dance shows? Probably a good basic rate is... more

Other Considerations

Costumes: Generally clients will be as impressed with... more


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