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March 2, 1998
Although the most commonly asked question (How do I position myself to get a good partner at a dance without being too obvious?) is unanswerable, here are a few useful suggestions for our audience on several topics of interest.

Dear Grace:

What should I do when someone who just turned me down gets up and dances with another partner? Is there a proper response for this kind of behavior? Please advise.

Aggrieved On The Dance Floor

Dear Aggrieved:

While most people are tempted to grab the offender by the hair and threaten him with the sort of bodily damage that would prevent a recurrence of the offense—or any offense, for that matter—there is only one really correct thing to do in this situation. Smile graciously, avert your eyes—and never, ever ask that person to dance again!

Dear Grace:

What do I do if I've just turned someone down for a dance, and the next minute the woman of my dreams asks me to dance?

In a Bind in Boston

Dear Bind:

See previous letter.

Dear Grace:

One of my favorite partners has recently stopped asking me to dance. I have no idea why this has happened, and I don't know how to handle it. What should I do?

Disappointed at the Dance

Dear Disappointed:

A number of alternatives are available to you; each has its proponents.

From the Boston Swing Dance Society Newsletter, Jan/Feb, 1994. Reprinted with permission of the author.

Do you have questions about proper behavior on the dance floor? Please send them to DanceNet and they'll be forwarded to Grace.
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