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The information on this website is provided mostly by the local dance studios, venues, bands, and dancers. The webpage that you were just looking at is part of a much larger website managed by someone who is focused on swing dancing in Boston, Massachusetts and is provided as a convenience to readers who might be looking for dance-related information in Boston, New England, and any of the other 50 states, as well as Canada and around the world.

At no time do I seek to be the one comprehensive directory for everyone. Even if I got paid to do this full-time, I wouldn't have enough time to keep everything up to date. For this I count on my readers to help me with venues that they are aware of. If your favorite venue is more than 10 miles from Boston, then it's most likely that I've never been there.

To make it easier and more likely that I'll list your information on this website, here are a few hints:

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Last updated on March 13, 2005

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