The 1999 Boston Tea Party West Coast Swing Competition Results

March 18-21, 1998

The Boston Tea Party West Coast Swing Weekend took place at the Boston Marriott Cambridge in Cambridge, Massachusetts during March 18-21, 1998.

Newcomer Jack & Jill:

1st placeSteve Borth & Amy Mires
2nd placeColleennn O'Connor & Lisa Ditto
3rd placeErnie Affricano & Sheila Purkey

Intermediate Jack & Jill

1st placeJoseph McKinney & Heidi Anderson
2nd placeRobert Gettings & Trish Berlanga
3rd placeRandy Payne & Elizabeth Nogueira

Advanced Jack & Jill

1st placeChris Ljungquist & Tami Harris
2nd placeErik Novoa & Sue Cath
3rd placeMark Blume & Wendy Berlin

Champion Invitational Jack & Jill

1st placeMark Scheuffele & Mary Ann Nunez
2nd placeJohn Lindy & Mary Ann Nunez
3rd placeGary Jobst & Nancy Goldberg

Intermediate Street Swing

1st placeJoseph McKinney & Robin Howard
2nd placeTom Webb & Cindie Brudner
3rd placePeter Altman & Denise Coticchio

Advanced Street Swing

1st placeMark Blume & Kim Bergquist
2nd placeErikk Novoa & Tami Harris
3rd placeLarry Mongeau & Sue Cath

Champion Street Swing

1st placeJohn Lindy & Mary Ann Nunez
2nd placeBill Cameron & Blake Hobby
3rd placeJim Minty & Nancy Goldberg

Strictly Hustle

1st placeTom Robertson & Lisa Kleitz
2nd placeJoseph McKinney & Robin Howard
3rd placeDavid Raines & Kathy Jo Nelson

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