US Open Results

November 28-30, 1997

This information came to me second or third-hand so they're unofficial as far as I can tell. On the other hand, I guess they're pretty close to reality. The author of the original note that I got spelled many names wrong so I apologize for any mistakes in the contestants' names.

The 15th Annual US Open took place at the Disneyland Hotel in Los Angeles. The judges included: Debbie Ramsey-Box and Melinda Cameau were guest judges. Annie Hirsch was the Contestants Representative and Jeff Kletsky was the computer analyst. The Master of Ceremonies and dj was Kenny Wetsel.

Classic Division:

1st placeBill Cameron and Blake Hobby
2nd placeMichael & Mari Kiehm
3rd placeChristopher Joe and Lisa Cortez
4th placeTim Auclair and Michell Wells
5th placeAlez Seguritan and Patty Mulholland

Showcase Division

1st placeGary Jobst and Kate Ford
2nd placeKeith Heisinger and Katie Bernadino
3rd placeAtlas Griffith and Beverly Durand
4th placeStan Jaquish and Kelly Lynn Ford
5th placeBarry Durand and Lisa Austin

Lindy Hop Division

1st placeRyan Francois and Jenny Thomas
2nd placeAndrew Vassiliou and Sing Lim
3rd placeTodd and Krissy Biernacki
4th placeTom Koerner and Debra Sternberg
5th placeDavid Frutos and Kim Clever-Jones

Strictly Swing Division

1st placeSonny Watson and DeAnna Mollman
2nd placeRamiro Gonzales and Sylvia Sykes
3rd placeSteve & Marie Salazar
4th placeMartin Parker and Lisa Parker
5th placeEric Myers and Casey Lloyd

Cabaret 1 Division

1st placeBarry Durand and Lisa Austin
2nd placeMichael Johnson and Kimberly Teichert
3rd placeJames Adair and Olivia Dasso
4th placeManny Biarrial and Sue Morgan
5th placeRonald Christy and Jacqueline Malanosky

Cabaret 2 Division

1st placeDance Attack 2
2nd placeBarry & Cassie Durand with Lisa Austin & Danielle Griffin
3rd placeHustle Kids

Teams Division

1st placeAffirmative Action - Eric Myers
2nd placeRiver City Rhythm - Rob Brown and Gina Brown
3rd placeFlyin' Lindy Hoppers - Lee and Terry Moore
4th placeThe Rio Grande Rockers - Marlene Johnson & Paul Fisher
5th placeDance West - Barry Durand

Masters Division

1st placeTom Peadon and Cher Chilton
2nd placeDan Beck and Dee Becker
3rd placeRon Andrews and Bonita Combs
4th placeMike Gallo and Rosalie Dressler
5th placeEric Remsen and Joanie Plotke

Young Americas 6-12 Division

1st placeAndrew Davis and Sarah Peterson
2nd placeCasey Dolkas and Ashley Eremita
3rd placeTim Roach and Randi-Lynn Straight
4th placeBlake and Holly Hodges
5th placeMichael Rougear and Kathleen Lisa Wegner
6th placeBlace Thompson and Vanessa Ramirez

Young Americas 13-17 Division

1st placeMatt Auclair and Meagan McKechan
2nd placeJordan Frisbee and Jessica Cox
3rd placeWill Yearty and Danielle Griffin
4th placeBenji Schwimmer and Heigi Groskreutz
5th placeNorman Aldredge and Leslie Melton

Superstars Showcase Division

There was no Superstars Showcase.

Superstars Classic Division

1st placeRobert Royston and Laureen Baldovi
2nd placeWayne Bott and Sharlott Bott
3rd placeBrent Key and Kellese Key
4th placeRobert Cordoba and Deborah Szekely
5th placeBarry Jones and Beata Howe

Jack and Jill Division

1st placeBobby Valdita and Grace Kalea
2nd placeDavid Kruel and Jeannie Tucker
3rd placeJack Wellingham and Michelle Kincaid

The winners of the Dancers' Choice Award were Mary Ann Nunez (Female) and Mario Robau, Jr. (Male). Debbie Ramsey Boz got the Humanitarian Award . The winners of the Jean Kachonas Award (for most improved dancer) were Lindy Campbell (Female) and Gary Jobst and Steve Neeren (Male).

If you could not attend the US Open event this year but would like to see all three days' worth of competitions, the video is available for $120 plus $7 shipping from Thumbs Up Video, 1-800-537-8937.

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