The 2002 North Atlantic Dance Championships Results

April 25-28, 2001

The 4th Annual North Atlantic Swing Dance Championships took place at the the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel in Secaucus, New Jersey.

For any questions regarding the competitions (scores, placements, etc.), please contact Maira Pineda. Electronic tabulation by Todd E. Columb.

Cabaret Division:

1st placeBilly Fajardo & Katie Marlow
2nd placeLucas Jaime & Michelle Lamb
3rd placeRob Finocchio & Tiffany Brown
4th placeBarry Durand & Lisa West
5th placeDavid Barker & Lily Barker
6th placeJoe Kerner & Laura Cozik
7th placeSolomon Singer & Madeleine Hackney

Carolina Shag Division:

1st placeMichael Norris & Leann Best
2nd placeJoey Sogluizzo & Jennifer Beaver
3rd placeGrant Garmon & Leslie Melton
4th placeJeff Hargett & Nikki Kontoulas
5th placeTybaldt Ulrich & Hazel Mede
6th placeJimmy Caruso & Cameron Caruso
7th placeJac Crowder & Erin Olson

Champions Just Dance Lindy Hop:

1st placeManu Smith & Simone Cox
2nd placeDan Amores & Caitlin George
3rd placeTodd Yannacone & Maggie Moon
4th placeKevin St. Laurent & Virginie Jensen
5th placeMatt Smiley & Jen Sjostrom
6th placeAndy Reid & Sara Spence
7th placeMark Eckstein & Joanna Jackson
8th placeBen Furnas & Carla Heiney
9th placeSkye Humphries & Nicole Frydman
10th placeJoe Palmer & Carol Fraser
11th placeSteve Bailey & Nathalie Gomes
12th placeFinian Makepeace & Ramona Staffeld
13th placeAndrew D'Angelo & Anne-Marie Brule
14th placeDavid Graybill & Deborah Szekely
15th placeMike Faltesec & Giselle Anguizola

Champions Lindy Hop Jack & Jill:

1st placeKevin St. Laurent & Caitlin George
2nd placeSkye Humphries & Simnia Singer-Sayada
3rd placePeter Strom & Virginie Jensen
4th placeMark Eckstein & Carla Heiney
5th placeAndy Reid & Nicole Frydman
6th placeRobin Coleman & Jenna Hallas
7th placeManu Smith & Maggie Moon
8th placePeter Strom & Ramona Staffeld
9th placeMatt Bedell & Nathalie Gomes
10th placeSteve Bailey & Sara Spence
11th placeDan Amores & Lindy Greer
12th placeBen Furnas & Joanna Jackson
13th placeManu Smith & Sylvia Sykes
14th placeTodd Yannacone & Carol Fraser
15th placeMatt Smiley & Anne-Marie Brule
16th placeBill Borgida & Nina Gilkenson
17th placeDavid Graybill & Lucy Engle
18th placeSteve Bailey & Amy Johnson
19th placeJoe Palmer & Marina Glezin
20th placeFinian Makepeace & Stephanie Nolen
21th placeMatt Bedell & Naomi Uyama

Champions Strictly West Coast Swing:

1st placeRobert Cordoba & Sylvia Sykes
2nd placeJordan Frisbee & Sarah Vann Drake
3rd placeJohn Lindo & Debbie Figueroa
4th placeMark Scheuffele & Deborah Szekely
5th placeJason Colacino & Tatiana Mollmann
6th placeAngel Figueroa & Katie Boyle
7th placeKyle Redd & Brandi Northrup
8th placeRobert Royston & Nicola Royston
9th placeMark Eckstein & Tami Harris
10th placeErik Novoa & Heidi G.
11th placeJohn Festa & Blake Hobby
12th placeSteve Neeren & Andrea Scott
13th placeKen Roesel & Silvana Gallagher
14th placeDave Townsend & Debbie Tuttle

Champions West Coast Swing Jack & Jill:

1st placeJason Colacino & Katie Boyle
2nd placeJordan Frisbee & Brandi Northrup
3rd placeKyle Redd & Debbie Figueroa
4th placeRobert Cordoba & Sarah Vann Drake
5th placeBenji Schwimmer & Tatiana Mollmann
6th placeRobert Royston & Beatta Howe
7th placeJohn Lindo & Deborah Szekely
8th placeAngel Figueroa & Sylvia Sykes
9th placeMichael Kiehm & Tatiana Mollmann
10th placeMark Eckstein & Laureen Baldovi
11th placeMark Scheuffele & Laureen Baldovi
12th placeMichael Norris & Blake Hobby
13th placeParker Dearborn & Heidi G.
14th placeSteve Neeren & Lisa West

Classic Division:

1st placeJordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann
2nd placeAngel Figueroa & Debbie Figueroa
3rd placeJason Colacino & Katie Boyle
4th placeKyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
5th placeMichael Kiehm & Brandi Northrup
6th placeMichael Norris & Jennifer Beaver
7th placeMark Eckstein & Julie Siraguso
8th placeJoe Palmer & Nicole Frydman
9th placeArjay Centeno & Melissa Rutz
10th placeJamey Pietrowiak & Jennifer Lyons
11th placeCorey Caron & Erin Kane
12th placeTom Dennesen & Tatiana Hamawi
13th placeMarty Klempner & Valerie Salstrom

Hand Dance:

1st placeSteve Mitchell & Gaye Proctor
2nd placeGreg Owens & Cynthia Trueheart
3rd placeVictor Howard & Joy Hunter
4th placeKevin Fitzhugh & Tammy Brown
5th placeLewis Neal & Tina Wilkinson
6th placeGeorge Alston II & Cheryl Clark
7th placeKermit Banks & Novella Campbell
8th placeAnthony Jones & Linda Allen

Just Dance Hand Dance:

1st placeLewis Neal & Sharon Green
2nd placeGeorge Alston II & Danielle Lucas
3rd placeSteve Mitchell & Lisa Robinson
4th placeKevin Fitzhugh & Gaye Proctor
5th placeMarcus Smith & Novella Campbell
6th placeGreg Owens & Joy Hunter
7th placeGarey Brown & Tina Wilkinson
8th placeAl Johnson & Pauline Harris
9th placeVictor Howard & Vera Covington
10th placeWesley Davenport & Clarice Brown

Just Dance Lindy Hop:

1st placeChance Bushman & Melissa Varriano
2nd placeCharles Parsons & Lisa Wade
3rd placeMichael Mathis & Joy Springer
4th placeStephen Drzewiczewski & Sommer Gentry
5th placeNick Cruse & Margot McGraw
6th placeGary De Duke & Rebecca Williams
7th placeFrank Santiago & Mara Garcia
8th placeBen Morris & Ria DeBiase
9th placeMarty Klempner & Alison Scola
10th placeDavid Rehm & Emily Lim
11th placeChul Gwon & Jessica See
12th placeBenjamin Ricard & Melanie Breton
13th placeGianmarco Russo & Cameron Swindler
14th placeRob Moreland & Tami Harris
15th placeGreg Howley & Noelle Gray
16th placeAndrew Twiss & Evin Galang
17th placeEric Richard & Melanie Hout-Lavoie
18th placeDee Jean-Francois & Annie Trudeau
19th placeSteven Braunstein & Melissa Deles
20th placeMartin Frechette & Suzanne Gaudet
21th placeTybaldt Ulrich & Andrea Clark
22th placeJarod Bloom & Gretchen Pettinico
23th placeRyan Hammond & Laura Hammond

Just Dance West Coast Swing:

1st placeArjay Centeno & Jennifer Lyons
2nd placeRobin Smith & Darlene Long
3rd placeLarry Mongeau & Heidi Mongeau
4th placeDenis Riley & Lee Mansfield
5th placeMichael Frank & Wendy Berlin
6th placeCorey Caron & Ligaya Fish
7th placeDavid Graybill & Hazel Mede
8th placeRon McCarthy & Deb Martinez
9th placeJoe Palmer & Anne-Marie Brule
10th placeTybaldt Ulrich & Ellie Thomas
11th placePaolo Piselli & Lisa Ditto
12th placeDavid Raines & Tatiana Hamawi
13th placeRob Moreland & Sonia Kuchuk
14th placeDave Moldover & Robin Grimsby
15th placeScott Miller & Randi Cohen
16th placeBen Furnas & Missy Ralston
17th placeDan Amores & Carol Fraser
18th placeBrian Faust & Nicole Frydman
19th placeKen Lininger & Rebecca Lininger
20th placeBen Morris & Lucy Dunne
21th placeTom Dennesen & Jennifer Gordon

Lindy Hop Division:

1st placeKevin St. Laurent & Carla Heiney
2nd placeManu Smith & Carol Fraser
3rd placeSteve Bailey & Gaby Moss
4th placeMichael Lin & Grace Chowchuvech
5th placeJoel Plys & Valerie Salstrom
6th placeMatt Bedell & Jennifer Jones
7th placeBen Rich & Caitlin Reynolds
8th placeMike Faltesec & Amy Johnson
9th placeStephen Drzewiczewski & Rebecca Williams
10th placeAndy Reid & Giselle Anguizola
11th placeMichael Richters & Rachelle Gaudet
12th placeHareesh Kapoor & Bethany Certa
13th placeBenoit LaForest & Allison Cordner
14th placeKevin Rollins & Liz Rollins
15th placeDaniel Radtke & Karynn Jennings

Open Hand Dance Jack & Jill:

1st placeAllan Copper & Leslie Mallory
2nd placeJoseph Nelson & Yvette Ford
3rd placeDennis Higginbotham & Kathy Stewart
4th placeCharles Moulden & Sharon Thompson
5th placeDennis Higginbotham & Sheila Williams

Open Lindy Hop Jack & Jill:

There will be a correction posted on the results of the Open Lindy Hop Jack & Jill soon. 05/01/02
1st placeJai Latimer & Marilee Annereau
2nd placeCraig Batzler & Megan Stokes
3rd placeShawn Hershey & Sheila Oh
4th placeMichael Smith & Sara Fajkowski
5th placeEli Pritykin & Rebecca Finch
6th placeDiscovery Gerdes & Valerie Yau
7th placeOlivier Morin & Casey Schneider
8th placeMickey Fortanasce & Mel Leduc
9th placeAnders Walker & Kristin Hershberger
10th placeAustin Dreyer & Jodie Goodnough

Open West Coast Swing Jack & JIll:

1st placeAnthony DeRosa & Tara Steinke
2nd placeJimmy Mulligan & Melissa Jacquette
3rd placeDavid Bloch & Laura Cozik
4th placeLarry Delaney & Kim Leftwich
5th placePaul Tempera & Yuna Davtyan
6th placeJason Marker & Heather Fiore
7th placeStacy Suter & Ann Fleming
8th placeJoey Fanini & Teresa Robinson
9th placeMichael Robinson & Shawn Martin
10th placeEddie Sanabria & Mary Reilly

Pro/Am Division:

1st placeManu Smith & Staci Loer
2nd placeCharlie Wyler & Tracy Butler
3rd placeBill Hopkins & Debbie Tuttle
4th placeMike Tuttle & Virginia Silva
5th placeRobert Royston & Joyce Cuervo
6th placeKevin St. Laurent & Melissa Varriano
7th placeKen Roesel & Paige Danby
8th placeChance Bushman & Carla Heiney
9th placeRobert Royston & Dori Eden
10th placeMike Tuttle & Robin Grimsby
11th placeRon McCarthy & Blake Hobby
12th placeJim Coakley & Debbie Tuttle
13th placeJoe Palmer & Leimomi Kunishige
14th placeMike Tuttle & Kelly McAndrews
15th placeDan Amores & Sarah Shair-Rosenfield
16th placeThomas Clancy & Hazel Mede
17th placeJoe Palmer & Catherine Schmetter

Showcase Division:

1st placeBenji Schwimmer & Heidi G.
2nd placeRobert Cordoba & Deborah Szekely
3rd placeYuval Hod & Nathalie Gomes
4th placeRobert Royston & Laureen Baldovi
5th placeJohn Lindo & Ann-Marie McCabe
6th placeEddie Vedolla,Jr. & Amy Villa-Girton
7th placeBarry Durand & Lisa West

Swing Team Division:

1st placeNational Shag Team
2nd placeHop Swing & A Jump
3rd placeThunder Puss
4th placeDance Manhattan
5th placeDC Jam Swing Team
6th placeSwinging Air Force
7th placeThe Lindy Movement
8th placeYou Should Be Dancing Shag Team
9th placeHopology
10th placeSwing Sensations
11th placeFidgety Feet

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The North Atlantic Dance Championship
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