Dan Radler & Suzanna Hamby Dance Studios

Suzanne Hamby and Dan Radler
These webpages for Dan Radler and Suzanne Hamby are now obsolete. While Dan and Suzanne still work together, they've gone off and set up studios in separate locations and have separate websites. This webpage was originally created when Dan & Suzanne didn't have their own.

Of course, this isn't entirely a bad thing since they've finally gotten around to redesigning their official webpages (something I've been nagging them to do for many years).

In any case, there's no point in maintaining these webpages. I always thought it was rather silly to actively maintain multiple websites for the same business. I'm assuming their new webpages have been designed to do what this webpage did: get you the information displayed on your home computer with a minimal lag time. If their new pages don't download to your computer quickly enough, go and tell *them*. They know what to do.

You can find Dan Radler's information at Ballroom & Latin Dance Center of New England. He runs classes at the Newton Highlands Congregational Church in Newton and can be contacted at DanRadler@aol.com or 617-455-5500

Suzanne Hamby holds classes in Waltham at the Temple Beth Israel. Her website is www.HambyBallroomDance.com. Contact her at Suzanne@HambyBallroomDance.com or 508-380-4647.

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