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Not Netscape 4.78 Editor's Note: by the time you read this, this information will be obsolete. The operating systems that are needed by Netscape 4.78 went away a long time ago and by now, you should be on a much faster computer with a much more recent operating system. There will also be more updated and *safer* browsers.

If you see this symbol on this website, it means that the website indicated by the URL beside this symbol is not "friendly" to Netscape 4.78 and, most likely, other browsers of that generation (i.e., HTML 2.0). With the release of newer versions of the HTML specification and software tools written for that newer spec, many people are writing HTML code that is not compatible with older versions of the HTML spec. In some cases, the browser just can't interpret the newer HTML tags properly or, in worse cases, Netscape 4.x will just crash. In order to view the websites properly, you probably have to upgrade to the latest versions of these browsers:

Web browserWorks onDownload now
Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows 98 and beyond
5.x for Macintosh
Mozilla's Firefox Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix Get Firefox
Apple Computer's Safari OS X/Windows
Opera Windows, Linux Get Opera
Google Chrome Windows Get Chrome

Why did I bother to highlight these websites? Well, as a dance customer, I know that I wouldn't have bothered to go to those sites with Netscape 4.x (or equivalent) if I knew that the website wasn't going to work with my browser. I'm saving some readers some aggravation: if they only have an older browser, they know they won't need to bother going to that website.

Webmasters should note that some people are still on dial-up modems and downloading a new browser might take a *long* time. Some might still be on older operating systems that can't support new browsers and buying a new computer is out of the question. I did find it amusing that some of these browser webpages don't work well with Netscape 4.x so the process of looking for a newer browser isn't that pleasant an experience.

Note: As time goes on, I'm less likely to bother testing my pages with Netscape 4.78. Official support for Windows 98 has ended so there's not much reason to continue using Netscape 4.78.

Updated August 17, 2007
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