New Year's Dance Extravaganza 2000

Competition Results
December 30, 1999 - January 2, 2000

The 5th Annual New Year's Dance Extravaganza 2000 took place at the Sheraton Tara Hotel in Framingham, Massachusetts. These are the final results of the competitions, taken from the official printouts.

Intermediate Strictly Swing Division:

1st placeLynda Williams & Thomas Davidson
2nd placeBeth Duryea & Buzz Congram
3rd placeLynn Kirk & Tom Gendrachi
4th placeStephanie Adams & George Fear
5th placeCatherine Hubbard & Bill Robinson
6th placeBeth Ayn Kelly & Shawn Kelly

Novice Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeSusan Batchelden & Larry Delaney
2nd placeMissy Harvey & Pallo Piselli
3rd placeJess Warren & Ken Lininger
4th placeTonya Watson & Rob Baen
5th placeJackie Bracera & Carl Lucas
6th placeClara Silva & Christopher Wieczorek
7th placeJacke Petschke & Bob Gorman
8th placeRebecca Schmitt & Victor Conforti
9th placeCynthia Shanahan & Garrett Oakley
10th placeAnin Miller & Shawn Kelly

Intermediate Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeAmy Sara Mires & Ernie Affricano
2nd placeErin Kane & George Fear
3rd placeLaurie Dlugolenski & Wes Carrajat
4th placeJudy Burke & Clark Ferguson
5th placeCath Refice & Jim Lofton
6th placeKathy Jo Nelson & Tom Gendrachi
7th placeHeather Fiore & Ed Baker
8th placeStephanie Adams & John Derosa
9th placeJoanna Vandemark & Thomas Davidson
10th placePaige Danby & Tom Robertson
11th placeDorothy Kellett & Scott Coe

Advanced Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeTammi Harris & Anthony Derosa
2nd placeMary Reilly & Larry Mongeau
3rd placeHeidi Anderson & Eric Novoa
4th placeAnn Fleming & Nick Marino
5th placeSue Cath & Stefan Gonick
6th placeSally Poor & Chris Ljungquist
7th placeShawn Martin & Tim Brown
8th placeCindy Brudner & Rob Gettings
9th placeLisa Kleitz & Joey Fanini

Advanced Strictly Swing Division:

1st placeConnie Coufal & Tim Brown
2nd placeKim Leftwich & Eric Novoa
3rd placeLisa Klebart & Stefan Gonick
4th placeLygia Wakefield & Ron McCarthy
5th placeSue Cath & Larry Mongeau
6th placeDara Patrusky & Carlos Cardona
7th placeCindy Brudner & Tom Webb
8th placeEllen Baker & Ed Baker
9th placeMary Reilly & Alan Aly
10th placeAnn Fleming & Rob Gettings
11th placeAshley Gwozdz & Chris Ljungquist
12th placeMoira Wight & Joel Young
13th placeJanet Naples & Charlie Bruno

Classic Division:

1st placeTammi Harris & Eric Novoa
2nd placeMoira Wight & Chris Ljundquist

Champions Strictly Swing Division:

1st placeDeborah Szekely & John Lindo
2nd placeDebbie Bernard & Angel Figueroa
3rd placeHazel Mede & James Leyva
4th placeTammi Harris & Robert Cordoba
5th placeBlake Hobby & John Festa
6th placeDonna Roesel & Kenny Roesel
7th placeBJ Jones & Steve Neeren

Champions Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeDeborah Szekely & James Leyva
2nd placeHazel Mede & Angel Figueroa
3rd placeBlake Hobby & John Festa
4th placeDebbie Bernard & Robert Cordoba
5th placeDebbie Bernard & Kenny Roesel
6th placeBlake Hobby & Trey McCants
7th placeDonna Roesel & Steve Neeren
8th placeBJ Jones & Maxwell Ho

Any typographical error should be directed to Benson Wong. All other inquiries involving the competition should be directed to Bill Cameron.

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