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April 23, 2017

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From the corner booth...

On our return trip from Disney I had put a "TSA-approved" lock on my luggage. These locks which I had bought at DisneyWorld last year are numbered and the TSA has the keys to those locks and they can unlock those locks by finding the key that has the same number as the one on the lock. This lets the passengers lock their bags yet allow the TSA to open the luggage without having to cut the lock open.

When I got home from this recent trip, I noticed that the lock was gone. I figured the TSA must have cut the lock open. Inside, I noticed that they had opened up my toiletry bag; nothing else was disturbed. Eventually, I found the lock. It was inside the compartment where the retractable suitcase handle went into the suitcase.

Clearly the TSA goes through luggage and I'm glad they do that for our safety. However, it was disappointing that they opened up the lock and didn't put it back. I'm guessing they were sloppy and couldn't find the lock but didn't feel responsible for correcting their mistake by letting me know. I think they should put a note anyway to tell us they went through the luggage so we know (as opposed to someone else).

On the other hand, I should just be happy my flight wasn't overbooked.

See you on the dance floor.

Benson Wong

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