New Year's Dance Extravaganza 2001
Competition Results
December 29-31, 2000

The 6th Annual New Year's Dance Extravaganza 2001 took place at the Sheraton Ferncroft Hotel in Danvers, Massachusetts. These are the final results of the competitions.

Just Dance Hustle Division:

1st placeRob Finocchio & Laura Cozik
2nd placeWingo Hom & Joanne Coro
3rd placeAl Cath & Jennifer Lyons
4th placeDavid Raines & Kathy Jo Nelson
5th placeFred Price & Tina Price
6th placeTony Toto & Donna Campbell
7th placeMyke Farricker & Jo Ellen Farricker
8th placeJim Kelly & Robin Powers

Just Dance Lindy Hop Division:

1st placeMark Eckstein & Claudine Co
2nd placeSkye Humphries & Joanna Jackson
3rd placeAndy Reid & Sara Spence
4th placeMatt Smiley & Stephanie Nolen
5th placePeter Vawter & Maggie Moon
6th placePeter Strom & Lucy Dunne
7th placeBen Furnas & Laura Dabby
8th placeManu Smith & Anne-Marie Brule
9th placeChris Hudson & Grace Wong

Strictly Swing Division:

1st placeAnthony DeRosa & Jennifer Lyons
2nd placeerik Novoa & Silvana Gallagher
3rd placeLarry Mongeau & Erin Kane
4th placeTim Brown & Connie Coufal
5th placeCorey Caron & Ashley Gwozdz
6th placeJoel Young & Ann Fleming
7th placeDave Townsend & Sue Cath
8th placePaolo Piselli & Heidi Mongeau
9th placeJohn Demenkoff & Caitlin George
10th placeCarlos Cardona & Kay Newhouse
11th placeRon McCarthy & Lisa Klebart
12th placeEd Baker & Ellen Baker
13th placeRandy Payne & Deb Martinez
14th placeBill Hopkins & Robin Grimsby
15th placeAl Cath & Lisa Ditto
16th placeJim Kelly & Robin Powers
17th placeTom Dennesen & Tatiana Hamawi
18th placeBob Gorman & Lynne Anderson

Classic Lindy Hop Division:

1st placeStephen Drzewiczewski & Rebecca Williams
2nd placeRonald Schmelzer & Jennifer Fairman

Classic Swing Division:

1st placeErik Novoa & Tami Harris
2nd placeSteve Neeren & Ann-Marie McCabe
3rd placePaolo Piselli & Jennifer Lyons
4th placeCorey Caron & Erin Kane
5th placeMike Tuttle & Debbie Tuttle
6th placeRich Little & Beth Ayn Kelley

Champions Strictly West Coast Swing Division:

1st placeJohn Lindo & Deborah Szekely
2nd placeJohn Festa & Blake Hobby
3rd placeMark Scheuffele & Kate Berardino
4th placeRobert Cordoba & Debbie Bernard
5th placeAngle Figueroa & Tami Harris
6th placeSteve Neeren & Hazel Mede
7th placeBill Barber & Brenda Barber

Novice/Intermediate Hustle Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeCorey Caron & Connie Coufal
2nd placeTim Brown & Diana Stanley
3rd placeAl Cath & Mary Reilly
4th placeTim Craft & Beth Baird
5th placeTom Dennesen & Lisa Klebart
6th placeGene Palermo & Hyunki Raab

Advanced Hustle Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeWingo Hom & Laura Cozik
2nd placeSteven Borth & Joanne Coro
3rd place
4th placeFred Price & Alice Kijewska

Novice/Intermediate Lindy Hop Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeEli Pritykin & Randi Nordeen
2nd placeJake Sprouse & Rebecca Kelm
3rd placeGary De Duke & Debra Rogan
4th placePeter Fish & Jennifer Cheslawski
5th placeErik Novoa & Lisa Barber
6th placeDiscovery Gerdes & Tami Harris
7th placeJason Giurleo & Sonia Kuchuk
8th placeNando Velasquez & Megan Stokes
9th placePaolo Piselli & Sarah Caissie

Advanced Lindy Hop Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeBen Furnas & Claudine Co
2nd placeAndy Reid & Carol Fraser
3rd placeManu Smith & Sara Spence
4th placeSkye Humphries & Carla Heiney
5th placeMark Eckstein & Laura Dabby
6th placePeter Strom & Joanna Jackson
7th placeDan Amores & Maggie Moon
8th placeMatt Smiley & Lindy Greer
9th placeRobin Coleman & Gina Smithson-Compton
10th placeFinian Makepeace & Melissa Gomez
11th placeStephen Drzewiczewski & Anne-Marie Brul

Newcomer/Novice West Coast Swing Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeEd Baker & Jennifer Lyons
2nd placeJames Pitts & Heather Fiore
3rd placeRichard D'Angio & Tonya Watson
4th placePeter Fish & M.J. Celmar
5th placeTom Gendrachi & Amy Gallant
6th placeMark Millette & Ashley Gwozdz
7th placeRichard Roder & Jessica Warren
8th placeBill Newhouse & Lisa Beaucage
9th placeJohn DeRosa & Erin Donato
10th placeAlex Rowe & Beth Ayn Kelley
11th placeBill Hopkins & Rebecca Schmitt
12th placePaul Rabtoy & Paige Danby
13th placeFeff Swanson & Lisette Grunwell
14th placeDavid Levesque & Mary DeMichele
15th placeRon Refice & Missy Harvey
16th placeJim Baker & Robin Grimsby

Intermediate West Coast Swing Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeRaymond Skerret & Ligaya Wakefield
2nd placeJamey Pietrowia & Erin Kane
3rd placeLarry Delaney & Ellen Baker
4th placeRon McCarthy & Connie Coufal
5th placeFred Price & Laurie Dlugolenski
6th placePaolo Piselli & Tina Price
7th placeNeal Klein & Lisa Klebart
8th placeErnie Affricano & Kay Newhouse

Advanced West Coast Swing Jack & Jill Division:

1st placeLarry Mongeau & Tami Harris
2nd placeErik Novoa & Ann-Marie McCabe
3rd placeAnthony DeRosa & Heidi Mongeau
4th placeCorey Caron & Ann Fleming
5th placeTim Brown & Amanda Warren
6th placeDave Townsend & Mary Reilly
7th placeBill Barber & Sue Cath

Any typographical error should be directed to Benson Wong. All other inquiries involving the competition should be directed to Bill Cameron.

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