New Year's Dance Extravaganza 2001
Competition Results
December 28-31, 2001

The 7th Annual New Year's Dance Extravaganza 2002 took place at the Sheraton Ferncroft Hotel in Danvers, Massachusetts. These are the final results of the competitions.

Advanced Hustle Jack & Jill

1st placeJoe Kerner & Tiffany Brown
2nd placeRob Finocchio & Laura Cozik
3rd placeGary Ulaner & Kathy Jo Nelson
4th placeFrank Mazzarella & Susan Fritz

Advanced Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

1st placeBen Furnas & Sara Spence
2nd placeAndy Reid & Carla Heiney
3rd placeKevin St. Laurent & Naomi Uyama
4th placeSkye Humphries & Caitlin George
5th placeRobin Coleman & Ramona Staffeld
6th placePeter Strom & Carol Fraser
7th placeMatt Smiley & Claudine Co
8th placeDan Amores & Joanna Jackson
9th placeDoug Silton & Lucy Engle
10th placeDavid Graybill & Laura Dabby

Advanced West Coast Swing Jack & Jill

1st placeErik Novoa & Nicola Royston
2nd placeAnthony DeRosa & Ann Fleming
3rd placeCorey Caron & Ligaya Fish
4th placeGary Ulaner & Tera Vitale
5th placePaolo Piselli & Amy Sara Mires
6th placeRon McCarthy & Jennifer Lyons

Champions Just Dance West Coast Swing

1st placeJordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann
2nd placeRobert Cordoba & Deborah Szekely
3rd placeJohn Lindo & Laureen Baldovi
4th placeAngel Figueroa & Debbie Figueroa
5th placeRobert Royston & Nicola Royston
6th placeJohn Festa & Hazel Mede
7th placeMark Scheuffele & B. J. Jones
8th placeErik Novoa & Kelly Buckwalter

Champions West Coast Swing Jack & Jill

1st placeParker Dearborn & Tatiana Mollmann
2nd placeRobert Royston & Kelly Buckwalter
3rd placeJordan Frisbee & Blake Hobby
4th placeMark Scheuffele & Deborah Szekeley
5th placeAngel Figueroa & Sylvia Sykes
6th placeMark Eckstein & Debbie Figueroa
7th placeRobert Cordoba & Debbie Figueroa
8th placeJohn Lindo & Kelly Buckwalter
9th placeSteve Neeren & Laureen Baldovi

Classic Lindy Hop

1st placeDavid Graybill & Carol Fraser
2nd placeMatt Smiley & Naomi Uyama
3rd placeDorry Segev & Sommer Gentry
4th placeStephen Drzewiczewski & Rebecca Williams

Classic West Coast Swing

1st placeCorey Caron & Erin Kane
2nd placeRon McCarthy & Ligaya Fish
3rd placeTom Dennesen & Tatiana Hamawi

Intermediate West Coast Swing Jack & Jill

1st placeDenis Riley & Heather Fiore
2nd placeDavid Bloch & Maria Cirino
3rd placeAlex Samuel & Nicole Frydman
4th placeDavid Graybill & Michelle Kusanovich
5th placeEd Baker & Tatiana Hamawi
6th placeTom Dennesen & Jacqueline Bracero
7th placeJohn DeRosa & Becky Larson

Just Dance Hustle

1st placeJoe Kerner & Laura Cozik
2nd placeGary Ulaner & Michelle Kusanovich
3rd placeWingo Hom & Susan Fritz
4th placeSteve Neeren & Tiffany Brown
5th placeDavid Raines & Kathy Jo Nelson
6th placeFrank Mazzarella & Valerie Hunt
7th placeRon McCarthy & Tricia Raymond
8th placeTom Dennesen & Renee Dinsmore

Just Dance Lindy Hop

1st placeAndy Reid & Sara Spence
2nd placeMatt Smiley & Jen Sjostrom
3rd placeManu Smith & Carol Fraser
4th placeDan Amores & Caitlin George
5th placeSkye Humphries & Lucy Dunne
6th placeGary De Duke & Rebecca Williams
7th placeRyan Mascaro & Ramona Staffeld
8th placeDoug Silton & Claudine Co
9th placeRob Moreland & Cassandra George
10th placeSolomon Douglas & Rebecca Kelm
11th placeStephen Drzewiczewski & Jennifer Lyons
12th placeDiscovery Gerdes & Caitlin Reynolds
13th placeOgden Sawyer & Alison Sands
14th placeBen Morris & Gretchen Bennett
15th placeDavid Graybill & Ligaya Fish
16th placeGreg Howley & Rebecca Finch
17th placeBen Rich & Emily Lim
18th placeKyle Smith & Sara Lemer
19th placeJoel Domoe & Melanie Myers
20th placeMatt Liebhold & Bethany Certa
21th placeTom Manuel & Jenn Whitham
22th placeCal Lin & Akemi Kinukawa
23th placePeter Fish & Sarah Caissie

Just Dance West Coast Swing

1st placeCorey Caron & Ligaya Fish
2nd placeAnthony DeRosa & Melissa Jacquette
3rd placeDavid Graybill & Ann Fleming
4th placeDavid Bloch & Ashley Gwozdz
5th placeRon McCarthy & Amy Sara Mires
6th placeBilly Smuck & Jennifer Lyons
7th placePaolo Piselli & Lisa Ditto
8th placeJoel Young & Deb Martinez
9th placeJason Marker & Becky Larson
10th placeRichard Roder & Lisette Grunwell
11th placeDenis Riley & Lee Mansfield
12th placeDoug Silton & *Diana Stanley
13th placeBob Gorman & Heather Fiore
14th placeDavid Raines & Lyoni Fisher
15th placeAl Cath & Lynne Anderson
16th placeDavid Leach & Gail Jacobson
17th placeTom Dennesen & Jennifer Gordon
18th placeRich Little & Angelique Early
19th placeMark Millette & Melissa Peterson
20th placeNeal Klein & Tatiana Hamawi
21th placeCarlos Cardona & Susan Fritz
22th placePeter Fish & Beth Ayn Curtis
23th placeMarty Klemper & Rebecca Kelm
*Correction as of February 12, 2002.

Newcomer West Coast Swing Jack & Jill

1st placeDan Amores & Tricia Raymond
2nd placeBen Furnas & Melody Sturdivant
3rd placeRob Moreland & Brooke Schilling
4th placeEric Cudmore & Cathy Benben
5th placeJarod Bloom & Carol Fraser
6th placeJoe Pawloski & Sara Spence
7th placeGary De Duke & Lisa Polucci
8th placeJohn Livecchi & Lucy Dunne
9th placeRobin Coleman & Tracey McGrade
10th placeAustin Goodan & Missy Ralston
11th placeRoland LaVigne & Jennifer DonAroma
12th placeRichard Nickell & Joanna Jackson

Novice West Coast Swing Jack & Jill

1st placeJason Marker & Melissa Jacquette
2nd placeDoug Silton & Deb Martinez
3rd placeMark Millette & Samantha Buckwalter
4th placeMichael Smith & M J Celmar
5th placeJeff Vitale & Mary Carrajat
6th placeRichard Roder & Ashley Gwozdz
7th placeTom Davidson & Laura Cozik
8th placeEric Clark & Stina Mui
9th placeBilly Smuck & Beth Ayn Curtis
10th placeTom Gendrachi & Amy Gallant
11th placeTim Johnson & Yuna Davtyan
12th placeStephen Drzewiczewski & Missy Harvey
13th placeMark Madia & Lisa Ditto
14th placeKen Lininger & Antoinette Giancursio
15th placeGary Lafontaine & Amanda Marchand

Novice/Intermediate Hustle Jack & Jill

1st placeErik Novoa & Valerie Hunt
2nd placeRoland LaVigne & Diana Stanley
3rd placeTim Craft & Hyunki Raab
4th placeKen Steele & Mary Reilly
5th placeJim Kelly & Tricia Raymond

Novice/Intermediate Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

1st placeBen Morris & Jodie Goodnough
2nd placeBen Rich & Melody Sturdivant
3rd placeLarry Kang & Rebecca Kelm
4th placeSolomon Douglas & Erin M. Sweeney
5th placeJason Giurleo & Sheila Oh
6th placeJason Tom & Emily Lim
7th placeMichael Richters & Daina Schatz
8th placeStan Tso & Mira Fisher
9th placeCody Mui & Jennifer Lyons
10th placeReuben Pharms & Sonia Kuchuk

ProAm Hustle

SilverDavid Raines & Katie Marlow (Pro)
SilverBilly Fajardo (Pro) & Kathy Jo Nelson
GoldErik Novoa (Pro) & Laura Cozik
SilverSteve Neeren (Pro) & Angela McCabe

ProAm Lindy Hop

SilverNicole Frydman (Pro) & Sonia Kuchuk
GoldManu Smith (Pro) & Ligaya Fish
GoldDoug Silton (Pro) & Amanda Marchand
SilverDan Amores (Pro) & Rebecca Kelm
GoldDJ Larkin (Pro) & Ramona Staffeld (Pro)
BronzeRajeev Hotchandani & Rebecca Williams (Pro)

ProAm Showtime

SilverRobert Royston (Pro) & Joyce Cuervo
BronzeMarty Klemper & Julie Ducherae

ProAm West Coast Swing

SilverDenis Riley & Debbie Figueroa (Pro)
SilverJames Patalano & Jennifer Lyons (Pro)
SilverRobert Royston (Pro) & Dori Eden
GoldCorey Caron & Deborah Szekely (Pro)
GoldKelly Buckwalter (Pro) & Samantha Buckwalter
GoldJohn Lindo (Pro) & Jacqueline Bracero
SilverRobert Royston (Pro) & Joyce Cuervo
SilverWes Cooper & Jennifer Lyons (Pro)
GoldErik Novoa (Pro) & Laura Cozik
GoldEric Cudmore & Heidi Mongeau (Pro)
GoldLarry Mongeau (Pro) & Brooke Schilling
SilverSteve Neeren (Pro) & Angela McCabe
SilverAustin Goodan & Tami Harris (Pro)
GoldJohn Lindo (Pro) & Chickie Cerra
SilverErik Novoa (Pro) & Randi Cohen
GoldDavid Graybill & Tami Harris (Pro)
SilverDavid Raines & Laureen Baldovi (Pro)
GoldJohn Lindo (Pro) & Lee Mansfield

Questions regarding the competitions (scores, placements, etc.) should be sent to Maira Pineda. Comments on typographical errors should be directed to Benson Wong. All other inquiries should be sent to Bill Cameron.

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