The 1998 North Atlantic Swing Dance Championships Results

January 2-4, 1998

The North Atlantic Swing Dance Championships took place at the 3rd Annual New Years Dance Extravanganza in North Falmouth on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Some pretty awesome performances took place here. If you didn't hang around for the results, here they are:

Open Classic Division:

1st placeSteve Neeren & Deborah Syekely
2nd placeTim Auclair & Michelle Wells
3rd placeJohn Lindo & Hazel Meade

Open Showcase Division

1st placeBarry Durand & Lisa Austin
2nd placeBarry Jones & Beatta Howe
3rd placeKeith Heisinger & Kate Beradino
4th placeSteve Neeren & Jennyrose Lisena

Strictly Swing Division

1st placeRobert Cordoba & Deborah Szekely
2nd placeCharlie Womble & Jackie McGee
3rd placeMark Scheuffele & Beata Howe
4th placeJohn Lindo & Blake Hobby
5th placeGary Jobst & Lisa Austin
 John Festa & Hazel Mead
 Tim Auclair & Kate Ford
 Barry Jones & Kate Beradino

Strictly Swing Rising Star Division

1st placeJohn Fink & Mary Reilly
2nd placeLarry Mongeau & Sue Cath
3rd placeKevin Berry & Sandra Berry
4th placeJoe Davenport & Lyoni Fisher
5th placeEddie Sanabria & Drewry Kindred
 Chris Ljungquist & Mary Gannon
 Alan Rocoff & Dara Patrusky
 Neal Klein & Barbara LaViska
 Carlos Cardona & Donna Campbell
 Dave Townsend & Sarah Prahl
 Charlie Bruno & Kim Leftwich
 Joel Young & Linda Hertwig
 Ed Martin & Linda Mellion

All-Stars Jack & Jill Swing Division

1st placeJohn Lindo & Deborah Szekely
2nd placeMark Schenffele & Jackie McGee
3rd placeRobert Cordoba & Jo Thompson
 Gary Jobst & Hazel Meade
 Tim Auclair & Kate Ford
 John Festa & Blake Hobby
 Barry Jones & Beata Howe
 Angel Figueroa & Kate Beradino
 Barry Durand & Lisa Austin
 Kenny Roesel & Michele Wells
 Steve Neeren & Donna Roesel

Advanced Jack & Jill Swing Division

1st placeJohn Fink & Mary Gannon
2nd placeDave Townsend & Patti Ennis
3rd placeJoe Davenport & Angie Sell
 Chris Ljungquist & Rachel Nazareth
 Eddie Sanabria & Sue Cath
 Steve Ryan & Dara Patrusky

Intermediate Jack & Jill Swing Division

1st placeBill Kontogianis & Lisa Klebart
2nd placeCarlos Cardona & Andrea Mozur
3rd placeDavid Raines & Carrieann Eberhardt
 Raymond Skerrett & Lyoni Fisher
 Alex Nelson & Helena DiSessa
 Alan Aly & Jamie Garvin
 Joel Young & Donna Lee Campbell
 Richard D'Angio & Linda Hertwig

Novice Jack & Jill Swing Division

1st placeJames Pitts & Joyce Cuervo
2nd placeRandy Payne & Karyn Paige
3rd placeJonathan Orenstein & Dawn Dawson
 Harold Weiner & Trisha Berlanga
 Gary LaFontaine & Steffie Adams
 J.C. Nachtwey & Kathy Jo Nelson
 Michael Harvey & Elaine O'Connell
 Tom Robertson & Kim Leftwich
 George Fear & Catherine Harris
 Dale Hubbard & Tammy Byrne

Advanced Jack & Jill Two-Step Division

1st placeLarry Mongeau & Dara Patrusky
2nd placeJoe Davenport & Paula Frohm-Butterly
3rd placeEd Martin & Christy Ratelle
 Paul Bozoian & Michele Wells
 Arnold Defelice & MJ Celmer

Strictly Two-Step Division

1st placeSean Maleari & Lauren Hache
2nd placeEd Martin & Linda Mellion
3rd placeSteve Neeren & Jenny Lisena
4th placeEdward Daly & Paula Frohm-Butter
5th placeArnold Defelice & Carol Defelice
 Ron McCarthy & Mary Lasurdo

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