The 1999 North Atlantic Swing Dance Championships Results

December 31 - January 3, 1999

The North Atlantic Swing Dance Championships took place at the 4rd Annual New Years Dance Extravanganza at the Seasons Resort at Great Gorge in McAfee, New Jersey. If you didn't hang around for the results, here they are:

Here are the corrected results. My printer cut off whole sections of the spreadsheet so three whole divisions were missing from the printout I used. Sorry for the confusion.


Classic Division:

1st placeDeborah Szekely & Robert Cordoba
2nd placeGinger Pickerel & Michael Norris
3rd placeDonna Roesel & Kenny Roesel
4th placeHazel Ann Mede & Angel Figueroa
5th placeMary Reilly & John Fink

Showcase Division

1st placeKate Beradino & Parker Dearborn
2nd placeMaria Torres & Steve Neeren
3rd placeMichaele Flanagan & Steve Giles

Cabaret Division

1st placeMaria Torres & Kenny Gonzalez
2nd placeTom Cochran
3rd placeBrian Gallagher & Silvana Gallagher

Professional Strictly Swing Division

1st placeDeborah Szekely & John Lindo
2nd placeBlake Hobby & John Festa
3rd placeKate Beradino & Michael Norris
4th placeKim Leftwich & Robert Cordoba
5th placeGinger Pickerel & Parker Dearborn
6th placeHazel Ann Mede & Dave Townsend

Advanced Strictly Swing Division

1st placeAngie Sell & Andrew D'Angelo
2nd placeMary Reilly & Tom Cochran
3rd placeBarbara Laviska & Nick Marino
4th placeLisa Kleitz & Stefan Gonick
5th placeHeidi Anderson & Larry Mongeau
6th placeKim McLaughlin & Steve Ryan
7th placeMoira Wight & Chris Ljungquist
8th placeDara Patrusky & Carlos Cardona
9th placeAnne Fleming & Joel Young

Intermediate Strictly Swing Division

1st placeJaime Mizell & Eric Novoa
2nd placeCindie Brudner & Tom Webb
3rd placeWendy Berlin & Alan Aly
4th placePam Burton & Dan Shames
5th placeLyndakay Cassavaw & George Fear
6th placeAmy Mires & Richie D'Angio
7th placeBeth Duryea & Greg Robichaud
8th placeJennifer Stanton & John Nicholas
9th placeRita Kurgan & Charlie Bruno
10th placeSteffie Adams & Ronald Refice
11th placeEllen Baker & Ed Baker
12th placeBonnie Rowe & Ed Abaid
13th placeRobyn Darby & Ron McCarthy
14th placeElizabeth Nogueira & Timothy Maguire
15th placeBernadette Moss & Larry Tarr

Advanced Just Hustle Division

1st placeEttie Kurtz & Joey Commentucci
2nd placeHazel Ann Meade & Steve Neeren
3rd placeRita Kurgan & Steven Church
4th placeKim McLaughlin & Steve Ryan
5th placeDara Patrusky & Thomas Robertson
6th placeJoyce Stoughton & Hyung Kim

Intermediate Just Hustle Division

1st placeMichele Russomanno & John Russomanno
2nd placeEileen Erlich & Rob Finocchio
3rd placeKathy Jo Nelson & Dave Raines
4th placeAntoinette Gelmont & Alan Karben
5th placeTammy Harris & Ron McCarthy

Professional Jack & Jill Swing Division

1st placeDeborah Szekely & Kenny Roesel
2nd placeHazel Ann Meade & Robert Cordoba
3rd placeGinger Pickerel & John Lindo
4th placeMaria Torres & John Festa
5th placeBlake Hobby & Parker Dearborn
6th placeMichaele Flanagan & Michael Norris
7th placeJackie Mcgee & Steve Giles
8th placeKate Beradino & Angel Figueroa
9th placeDonna Roesel & Steve Neeren

Advanced Jack & Jill Swing Division

1st placeTammy Harris & Andrew D'Angelo
2nd placeMary Reilly & Larry Mongeau
3rd placeLisa Kleitz & Anthony DeRosa
4th placeAngie Sell & Ron McCarthy
5th placeJamie Gavrin & Dadn Shames
6th placeSusan Wisnewski & Tim Brown
7th placeKim McLaughlin & Stefan Gonick
8th placeConnie Coufal & Eric Novoa
9th placeLisa Klebart & Carlos Cardonna
10th placeLisa Kleitz & Bob Budzynski
11th placeBarbara Laviska & Dave Townsend
12th placeSue Cath & John Fink
13th placeJoyce Stoughton & Steve Ryan
14th placeCindie Brudner & Alan Aly
15th placeJaime Mizell & Tom Webb
16th placeKim McLaughlin & Tom Cochran
17th placeDara Patrusky & Joel Young
18th placeTammy Harris & Al Cath
19th placeChickie Cerra & Charlie Bruno
20th placeTerri Mannix & Chris Ljungquist
21th placeWendy Berlin & Dave Raines

Intermediate Jack & Jill Swing Division (finals)

1st placeDrewery Kindred & Nick Marino
2nd placeAnne Fleming & Robert Gettings
3rd placeKim Leftwich & George Fear
4th placePam Burton & Greg Robichaud
5th placePam Eberle & Gary Lafontaine
6th placeHeather Fiore & Joey Fanini
7th placeLyndakay Cassavaw & John Thoder
8th placeJoyce Cuervo & Randy Paine
9th placeHeidi Anderson & Richie D'Angio
10th placeJennifer Stanton & Ed Baker

Novice Jack & Jill Swing Division

1st placeRosalie Bucci & Gregory Polyak
2nd placeElizabeth Nogueira & John DeRosa
3rd placeKim Hayden & Thomas Robertson
4th placeCrystal Meserve & Nils Dullum
5th placeRose Angelone & Kurt Scherckengo
6th placeAmy Mires & Barry Petrin
7th placeMary Lou Steib & John Derosa
8th placeLisa Ditto & J.C. Nachtwey
9th placeValerie Nelson & Ernie Affricano
10th placeMarcia Snavely & Alan Karben
11th placeGail Landau & Richard Little
12th placeDeb Grabfelder & Barry Petrin
13th placeKathy Jo Nelson & Timothy Maguire
14th placeSusan Iellamo & Rob Olson

Advanced Jack & Jill Hustle Division

1st placeRita Kurgan & Robert Jones
2nd placeDara Patrusky & Joey Commentucci
3rd placeDorothy Kellett & Hyung Kim
4th placeKathy Jo Nelson & Hyung Kim
5th placeKaryn Paige & Thomas Robertson
6th placeKim McLaughlin & Thomas Robertson
7th placeAntoinette Gelmont & Robert Jones

Intermediate Jack & Jill Hustle Division

1st placeErika Lane & Carlos Cardona
2nd placeLisa Klebart & Ron McCarthy
3rd placeDonna Reinhart & Alan Karben
4th placeEileen Erlich & Alan Karben
5th placePam Eberle & Carolos Cardona
6th placeJean Bowers & Dave Raines
7th placeRosalie Bucci & Al Cath
8th placeGail Landau & Sam Habet
9th placeLisa Madan & Sam Habet

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