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Steve St. Pierre offers classes and private lessons at the Lynnfield Community Church in Lynnfield, MA. For more information call Steve at 781-598-0419 or send email to saintdancer@verizon.net.


Steve maintains a mailing list for announcements about his latest classes. Contact him to get on the list.

The location for the Lynnfield Community Church is 735 Salem Street (route 129) in Lynnfield, MA (just about a mile from the Route 1 Christmas Tree Shop. Questions? Call 781-598-0419.


The courses are $90 per pers each paid the first evening of class--that works out to only $15 per lesson.

Wednesdays, starting May 27, 2009:
6:30-7:15    Beginner HUSTLE
NOT the line dance but the most useful form of lead and follow swing. Come and let me show you why, if you are only going to learn one dance, this should be the one.
7:15-8:00    Beginner RUMBA
Slow and sensual. One of the easiest places to start your study of Latin dance and the ideal place to begin Cuban i.e. "Latin motion." Danced to some truely beautiful music.

Hope to see you soon. -Steve

Remember: dance lessons make wonderful any occasion gifts and are always available.

All lessons are at the Lynnfield Community Church (a United Church of Christ) located at 735 Salem Street (rte. 129) in Lynnfield minutes away from the route 1 Christmas Tree Shop. The cost per person for the 6 lesson series is $90.00 paid the first evening of class.

Group lessons will now be available on demand and sold in a 6 week package as in the past. Contact me anytime you have a group of 4 or more and I will arrange a day and time when we can get together. No more flyers every 6 weeks. No more waiting for a class to come around. Contact me and it will be arranged immediately.

Don't have 4 people but still want a group lesson rate?? contact me with a daytime phone number and I will put your name on a call list. When I have a minimum of 4 people I will set up the class.

Group lessons will be priced at $15 per person per lesson paid up front for the series.

Private lessons are still available at anytime and are still priced at $55 for a 45 minute lesson with discounts for those who take them on a more frequent basis.

That is it -- no long term contracts-- simplicity itself.

Just a reminder that dance lessons make wonderful any occassion presents.

Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck

Or "Why Take Private Lessons?"

If you have ever seen someone whose dancing you admired and wondered how they got that good, the most obvious answer to that question is probably that he/she took private lessons and did lots of practice. When it comes to getting better at something, I subscribe to Thomas Edison's comment that," genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."

"Won't I get better taking group lessons?" you might ask. The answer, up to a point, is "Yes" but that is a limited "Yes." Why the limit to that response?—because group lessons and private lessons each aim at accomplishing different things.

Group lessons offer an inexpensive way to get introduced to the dance and even to pick up a basic social level of ability but rarely does anyone ever get really good based on group lessons alone. Don't believe that? Next time you see those people whose dancing you admire, ask him/her if private lessons helped them get there. I'll lay odds the answer will be "Yes" 9 out of 10 times. Don't take my word for it. Really—ask a few folks.

So... Why private lessons? What are they going to do for me that group lessons most probably cannot?

Private lessons allow the instructor to focus more completely on how you or how you and your partner are executing the movement. It is highly unlikely in a class of say 8-12 that everyone taking the class is making the same mistake. As I have said in response to people asking me if I get tired teaching the basics. "No, because while the basics are the same, the mistakes are original."

Years ago my instructor told me what I am going to tell you now. If you want to get good at dance then the best bang for your buck is to take group lessons to learn the big picture, to get the big idea and then take private lessons on what you are already familiar with to hone and polish your skills. Then--- don't forget the part about practice and lots of it.


Parking is available:

Please pay attention to the signs.

If you have any questions or want to get on the mailing list, please Steve St. Pierre at 781-598-0419 or write to 298 Eastern Avenue, Lynn, MA 01902.

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