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Please read the questions and answers below before writing in. If you are a dance promoter and want your information listed on this website, refer to the formatting guidelines. Please note that the comments on this webpage generally apply to both the regular dancenet and tangonet webpages, though I usually update the tango pages more often (yes, there's a reason why the two websites look similar).

General Questions

Dance Businesses

If you are in the dance business (teach classes, hold workshops, play in a band, or hold dances), please read the following before you send your information to me to be included on this website.

Yes, I usually get into a bad mood when I edit this page. That's because, once in a while, some idiot will feel entitled to tell me what to do with *my* website. Most likely, they didn't read this page.

One *profit-making* entrepreneur thought that I just sat around all day in front on my computer waiting to type their dance information into my webpages and couldn't understand why I didn't want to read all the duplicate copies of their mailings. Of course, they also sent their information on a Monday, after I had updated the website for the week. Some people have no other purpose in life than to serve as a *bad* example. I came very close to banning them from this website. Don't be a bad example. And no, I would have no problems with banning someone from this website.

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My name is Benson Wong and I am the editor of DanceNet on the Web and I'm the only one who works on it. I can be reached at

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