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These are the dance entrenpreneurs and businesses who help cover the costs of providing DanceNet On The Web free of charge to you, the dancing public.

I've met alot of nice people since I started dancing in 1991. Among those are some of the professionals who have contributed much to my own dancing and that of the entire dance community. In addition, there are the amateurs who discovered the joys of dancing and want everyone else to find out too. Since I started the weekly DanceNet newsletter and especially after DanceNet On The Web came into existance, these professional and amateur dancers have been supportive and have offered contributions to offset any costs for this activity that directly supports their businesses and hobbies and therefore, the entire dance community.

Since I am not a dance professional, I make no money off my dance activities and I want to keep it that way. However, this website has begun to reach the point where it steadily costs money out of my own pocket each month so I have decided to select and accept sponsors for this website. The money raised will have two functions:

This will allow me to focus on getting as much information out to the dance community and encourage more people to visit my dance website and find out where to go dancing.

Sponsors policy

I pretty much make up the sponsorship policy as I go along, but...
As a private and non-professional entity, I don't have to be neutral/unbiased about whose dance events I support. My sponsors are (in no particular order):

Sponsors Emeritus

These dance entrepreneurs have been around for a while honing their craft and enhancing the dance careers/lives of a lot of people in the Boston area.

This doesn't mean that there's something wrong with groups that aren't listed here; I might not be as enthusiastic about ballroom or other kinds of dances. Also, how a dance teacher or entrepreneur treats their students and peers (and me) has a hugh impact on whether they get asked to be a sponsor. Also, how well I know a dance organization will influence their involvement here. These dance businesses and organizations listed above receive my personal endorsement for their contributions to DanceNet, to the dance community over the years, and making it possible for me to enjoy swing dancing. I hope to see their dance businesses continue to flourish. See you on the dance floor.

Benson Wong

Last updated September 26, 2013

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