The Rhode Island Dance Calendar

Any events and venues listed on this page can be cancelled without notice. Note that some of them are suspended during the summer. If you teach classes, hold workshops, play in a band, or hold dances, please read the list of frequently asked questions and follow the format guidelines when asking to have your information listed here.

March, 2018
22-25 Boston Tea Party 2018, at the Boston Newton Marriott, 2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA.
31 The Knickerbocker Music Hall, 35 railroad Avenue, Westerly, featuring The Love Dogs. 8:30pm

April, 2018
26-29 Lil' Rhody Big Swing Out, Providence, featuring instructors Evita Arce, Latasha Barnes, and Michael Jagger, with music by Lloyd Kaplan's Aristocats and The Vintage Jazz Collective  

May, 2018
3-7 Swingin' Into Spring, at the Hilton Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.

June, 2018
June 28-
July 5
Beantown 2018 logo

July, 2018

August, 2018
Aug. 29 -
  Sept. 3
Swing out New Hampshire, Camp Wicosuta (new Hebron, New Hampshire).

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